The Benefits Of Alternative Medicine For Asthma

Many individuals are suffering from asthma these days. Asthma is caused by the constriction of the airways, too much mucus lining or inflamed airways. It is often triggered by allergens in the environment and stress. Sometime sit can also be triggered by something as simple as a change in climate or weather or a common cold. Those who have asthma are careful regarding the air they breathe.Symptoms of asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness in the chest and coughing. Although, some individuals who have asthma do not suffer regularly from asthma attacks, it is better to have some medication on hand to prevent complications or even death during a severe asthma attack. Most medical practitioners prescribe chemical drugs or medications to control and manage asthma.Alternative Medicine For Asthma SufferersThe popularity of alternative medicine has prompted many people to look for alternative medicine for asthma. Since asthma has been around for centuries, our ancestors have already found alternative medicines for asthma long, long ago. The problem now is to find out if they really do work or not. Many medical practitioners deny that some of the alternative medicines for asthma are effective. The cause of this one sidedness may be that they will lose their clientele and the support of the pharmaceutical companies if they promote alternative medicine for asthma.Some recommended alternative medicines for asthma are ginkgo biloba, Tylophora Indica, Solanum xanthocarpum and Solanum trilobatum. These herbs and medicines have been used for centuries in Asia as effective alternative medicine for asthma. Many people swear that these herbs along with the right diet and breathing exercises can affect the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. The sources of these alternative medicine and exercises are Chinese traditional medicine and Indian Ayurveda practices.Due to the mixed results of research studies that have been made into the efficacy of the herbs, many medical practitioners doubt their capacity to remedy asthma. The reason to take alternative medicine for asthma may now depend on the reaction of the individual who suffers from asthma. Some people may have a more favorable response to the alternative medicine for asthma thus prompting them to continue their regimen. Those who have not noticed any response or experienced any favorable response from the alternative medicine for asthma may also stop taking them. It is all dependent on how your body reacts to the alternative medicine. A favorable response will undoubtedly produce a believer in the medicine instead of a doubter.